New in 2021

The Corona crisis has taught us that communication at a distance is quite easy. Via Zoom, FaceTime and Teams, we can communicate easily and efficiently.

From 2021 we will also make optimal use of this. After you have been on the intake for treatment, an extensive follow-up interview is often necessary. For this you have to relocate again, for this we book extra clinic time and since Corona, we no longer allow extra attendants in the treatment rooms. The latter will continue to apply in our practice, even after the end of the Corona crisis.

To make the follow-up conversation easy, possibly in combination with a supervisor or partner, we will keep these follow-up conversations online via Zoom from 2021. In consultation with our secretariat you can reserve a time slot and the link to be used will be sent by email.


The follow-up interview can last a maximum of 30 minutes. We will also provide evening time slots and weekend time slots. Definitive agreements cannot be made during these online consultations; for this you must contact our secretariat again.

The same costs will remain associated with these online consultations as the consultations in Roosteren itself.

Please note, this online consultation is only available for follow-up discussions! An intake is not possible online, so we always want to meet the patient physically in Roosteren.