digital workflow

In the field of diagnostics on the one hand, treatment planning on the other, and finally of treatment itself, digitization has brought about revolutions within implantology. For example, there are digital impression taking for prosthetic restorations and digital processing into prosthetic workpieces. In addition, there is the planning of the implant placement, the 3D printing of models and the production of computer-controlled drilling jigs. In short, we summarize all this under the heading: digital workflow.


We always start with a CT scan. We use it to create 3D images to view and study the entire jaw from all angles. Based on this, we can virtually place your implants on these images. In addition, we naturally take into account all important structures (eg nerves, maxillary sinuses as well as enclosed teeth).

Digitale workflow: cbct

Oral Scanner

We now use this scanner to make 100% correct images of the mouth: all details are magnified very sharply. We also combine these images with the CT images to then make a planning for a drilling template. The final computer drilling template is manufactured on this basis. We work with the Medit i500 scanner.

Digitale workflow: scannen met mondscanner

Computer Drill Gide

Based on the planning, the lab is now making a 100% precision drilling jig: with the intention that the implants can only be placed in one way. So on the one hand the correct position, on the other hand also the correct direction and the correct length and finally even the correct diameter!

Drill Guide


A temporary bridge can be prepared by scanning and then planning. This can then be applied to the newly placed implants in your mouth immediately after placing the implants. Based on the procedure, we call this immediate loading.

Tijdelijke voorzieningen en digitale workflow

Final Scan

After the ingrowth phase (2 to 4 months) we finally make the final and definitive scan in order to have the definitive crown or bridge manufactured by the lab. Due to the extent of the work, it can take 1 to 2 weeks before the lab work is finished.

Intra-oral scan

Crown / Bridge Installation

As a final step, we apply the final construction: screwed and sometimes also cemented. So this is the last step in this complete digital workflow …

Definitieve bruggen