eyckholt bio concept

The success of our Eyckholt Bio Concept is based on the success of the 3 different components. The natural approach therefore offers an optimal chance of a healthy long-term success. It is recommended to apply all 3 components of this concept in order to guarantee optimal results. No success without strict disinfection on the one hand; no success without the use of natural growth factors and no healthy tooth replacement without the use of ceramic dental implants.
The Eyckholt Bio Concept (EBC) of Prof. Curd Bollen offers you a proven, safe and organic option to not only restore your smile but also improve your health.



Ozone therapy has meanwhile added value to most dental treatments. After all, this non-invasive biological treatment has several scientifically proven benefits:


1. it shortens the recovery time;

2. it stimulates the natural immune system;

3. it improves local blood flow;

4. it eliminates germs (bacteria, fungi and viruses);

5. it stimulates the healing response;

It is 100% safe and organic!

In our dental clinic we therefore use ozone therapy in all surgical procedures with ceramic implants:

a. Before the surgery starts, we disinfect the oral cavity with ozone for 2 minutes;

b. After the osteotomy to install the implant, we disinfect the borehole with ozone for 1 minute;

c. After suturing the wound, we disinfect the surgical area again with ozone for 1 minute!


Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin is 100% natural and also biological derivatives from our own blood. The procedure includes: first a venous puncture, then collecting 1 to 5 tubes of blood; then centrifuge these tubes (3 to 12 minutes) and finally prepare the final product. The resulting plug or liquid (membrane or gel) thus contains an extremely high concentration of our own growth factors (present in our platelets). We can apply the membranes during operations, and we also mix the gel with bone material. Finally, we always soak the ceramic implants in the gel before placing them.

LPRF en eyckholt bio concept

There are several indications for this L-PRF / PRP technique:

1. to fill extraction cavities;

2. when performing sinus lift procedures;

3. to support gum grafts;

4. to perform periodontal surgery more effectively;

5. in combination with implant surgery (immersion of implants or rinsing osteotomies);

6. in guided bone regeneration.


Ceramic Implants

Ceramic, cubic zirconia or porcelain implants are a valuable alternative to the initially used titanium implants. Moreover, they are the most important part of the Eyckholt Bio Concept! So these non-metallic implants have several major advantages:

Ceramic Implants

1. zirconia implants rarely show peri-implantitis;

2. They also have excellent aesthetics due to their natural tooth color;

3. there are no other known allergies or sensitivities to zirconia;

4. zirconia implants also have a higher strength than titanium;

5. Zirconia is also a 100% biocompatible product;

6. Cubic zirconia is an inert material: no corrosion is therefore detected;

7. they give optimal osseointegration, although comparable to titanium;

8. It also has very low affinity for bacterial plaque;

9. the material is nevertheless sufficiently scientifically substantiated and proven;

10. After all, the material is closest to nature!