bad breath / halitosis


Halitosis, or bad breath, is a common problem: 1 in 4 people suffer from it. In most patients the cause is in the mouth (85%). People in the area often have major problems with the foul odor, which can lead to avoidance behavior. Holistic Halitosis also involves the person behind the mouth odor. With good treatment, 90% of the patients can be effectively helped!

Holistische halitose: algemeen


Many bacteria live in the mouth that live without oxygen. These bacteria produce smelly sulfur gases. The numbers of these bacteria are often greatly increased. As a result, the amount of smelly gases increases so much and people in the area will perceive it. The important gases are: hydrogen sulphide (smell of rotten eggs), methyl mercaptan and dimethyl sulfide.

Holistische halitose en zwavelverbindingen

There are especially large amounts of bacteria in the plaque on the teeth and molars or in the pockets of patients with chronic gingivitis. But they are also located in the plaque on the back part of the tongue (tongue coating).

tongue coating


Based on a few questions and the oral examination, we determine which factors influence halitosis. We then measure the strength of the halitosis.

The patient’s breath is smelled and then the breath is tested with a device (Oral Chroma) that analyzes the gases.

Oral Chroma

Our practice is the only one in the Euregion that has such a device!


The dental plaque in the space between the tooth and gum (pocket) is removed by a professional dental cleaning in combination with ozone therapy.

Holistische halitose en ozon

The tongue coating is removed by us with a special sandblasting technique. The treatment also consists of teaching good oral hygiene: instructions for tongue cleaning, among other things, are important here.

Tongue cleaning


Drinking water regularly and possibly reducing coffee consumption can help combat halitosis.
We help 90% of patients with mouth odor from their problem. A psychological problem often remains dormant: the patient continues to fear about his breath (halitophobia). It is therefore important that a counselor in the vicinity of the patient can indicate whether the problem recurs or not. Holistic halitosis treatments heal the whole person!


We help you the breath free again!