L-PRF or Leucocyte Platelet Rich Fibrinogen is created by the centrifuge of your own blood. The fibrin is compressed by centrifuging blood samples at high speed in a special device. This contains a high concentration of platelets and these contain large amounts of the body’s own growth factors.

The concept was developed in dermatology and orthopedics. In dermatology, L-PRF is used to heal burns and bedsores quickly and efficiently.

Huid en LPRF
LPRF en knie

L-PRF is used in orthopedics, among other things, in the treatment of tendinitis. A well-known example is Spaand tennis player Rafael Nadal: he regularly receives L-PRF injections in his knees.


LPRF centrifuge
LPRF klonter

Depending on the extent of the planned procedure, 2 to 8 tubes of blood are taken. The “white” tubes are used for the preparation of the L-PRF gel; the “red” tubes are used to make the super clumps.

The blood is placed in a special centrifuge for 3 to 12 minutes. After 3 minutes the white tubes are ready and contain the L-PRF gel. After 12 minutes the super lumps come out of the red tubes. The clots consist of a fibrin network for platelets and thus the body’s own growth factors.

The clumps then go into a special device, which forms membranes or plugs.

LPRF liquid
LPRF membraan


We use L-PRF in various treatments within our practice. In periodontology we use L-PRF to restore the lost jaw bone in periodontal disease. We mainly use the L-PRF gel for this.

In implantology we use L-PRF membranes and plugs to treat bone defects around implants (peri-implantitis).

But especially in oral surgery we use L-PRF. We mix the gel with synthetic artificial bone to form a kind of “putty” -like mass (“sticky bone”). We apply these to the jaw bone after tooth extractions, to fill large jaw defects or to fill the sinuses.

All this in preparation for applying implants afterwards. The artificial bone is always covered with a few L-PRF membranes. This releases an extra boost of growth factors that help speed up healing.

LPRF en paro
Sticky bone

L-PRF and implantats

In the Eyckholt Bio Concept we combine the best of 2 worlds. After all, we make extensive use of L-PRF when placing ceramic implants. We fill the hole that will be drilled in the jaw bone with liquid L-PRF and the implant is bandaged with an L-PRF membrane prior to screwing in. In this way, the osseointegration of the porcelain implant gets a huge boost.

Ceramic implants
LPRF en implantaat

Other applications

In the meantime, several other medical disciplines are also using L-PRF, especially plastic and aesthetic surgery.

For example, L-PRF is used for the so-called “vampire” facelift (L-PRF is injected into the face) and for hair loss. L-PRF is applied under the scalp, which stimulates hair growth.

Vampire facelift
LPRF hair loss