Here you will find complete information about the accessibility of Mondcentrum Eyckholt: on the one hand parking, on the other hand public transport and finally the route to our practice. Since we would like to help all of our patients on time, it is therefore advisable to plan your transfer to us well and to leave on time. After all, on the A2 motorway (Eindhoven-Maastricht / Maastricht-Eindhoven), traffic jams often occur around exit 46.


Upon your arrival, you can park completely free of charge next to the practice building in the large parking lot to the right of the building. You can also park for free wherever you want on the streets and squares around the practice. Moreover, a parking disc is not needed anywhere. There is usually enough parking space available in the vicinity of the practice. Please do not park in front of the exits of the practice, Geldmaat or surrounding houses. You can then unfortunately be dragged away.

Route: parking
Route: ov

Public Transport

For more information about how to reach our practice by public transport, please visit the available website:
Unfortunately, the practice is not easy to reach by public transport. Suppose you come to me the train, you get off in Susteren.


Suppose you come by bicycle, you can place it in front of the entrance of the practice in the bicycle racks provided for this purpose. All in all, closing is of course not recommended.


Use the map below to plan the right way to our practice. Accessibility from the Netherlands as well as from Belgium is easy. However, plan your departure carefully so that you arrive at our practice on time. After all, we work by appointment.