For our quality we work, among other things, via the protocols compiled by the specialized company Rotocol®. As a result, our work processes have been recorded and standardized. All material is also directly accessible by computer.

Rotocol en kwaliteit

Our practice has been selected by health insurer CZ® as an “authorized” clinic for implantology. This means that we no longer need applications: Prof. Dr. Bollen decides whether or not you are eligible for implants in the upper jaw and / or lower jaw on the basis of his expertise.

CZ en kwaliteit

Prof. Bollen is registered in the KRT®: the Quality Register for Dentists.

KRT: kwaliteit tandartsen

The practice was again successfully inspected by the NVOI® in January 2020. So we can wear this quality label for another 5 years.

NVOI: kwaliteit implantologie

We work with a patient satisfaction survey: our patients receive a random survey by email: PE. We use these results to improve our functioning.

PE en kwaliteit

Finally, our entire team also follows regular refresher training. Our assistants keep their emergency response level up to standard every year and therefore follow extra courses related to our field.

Prof. Bollen attends courses or conferences abroad several times a year, where he improves his knowledge and skills. His part-time job at the university in Birmingham also ensures that he is always up-to-date within his disciplines.

No skills without knowledge.